Friday, 10 July 2015

From Whale Hunting to Whale watching,
memories from Pico Island

Pico was an important Island in the region for Whale hunting and processing, whaling made an important contribution to the economy in the Island. They stopped hunting whales in 1984. Nowadays they go after whales, but now only to watch them in their natural environment.

Beautiful Whaling boats, once used to chase the giants of the sea, now kept in Club Nautica and used for rowing and sailing by people of Pico. It is very nice to see how they kept these boats and still use them with pleasure. Nice museums to visit and learn about the past as well.

Two beautiful whale boats getting ready for a weekend regatta
Club Nautico slip with Whaling Boats
Rowing a traditional Whaling boat

Sailing out in a traditional Whaling boat
a slip where Whales were processed in the past

Old Whale Processing factory, now a beautiful museum in Pico

Whale processing pressure cookers

Cauldron to hold Whale blood while processing, a piece in the current museum.

Whale watching continues everyday in Pico, even on grey and wet days :-)

Monday, 15 June 2015

Summer 2015
Our second summer in the Azores

So far, we have been lucky to visit four out of nine islands in the Azores.

Praia Da Vitoria- Ponta Delgada- Vila Do Porto- back to Ponta Delgada- Lajes Do Pico 

Sean sailed from Terceira to Sao Miguel with his friends and I joined him at Ponta Delgada after a pleasant flight from Toronto. Ponta Delgada is the biggest Marina in the Azores:
Ponta Delgada marina view with Escapade (in red circle)

We were lucky to have our Portuguese friends while exploring the Island. It was great to see Sao Miguel's volcanic lakes at Cete Citades, waterfalls and tea plantations at Gorreana. Swimming in natural pools around the Island was great, and Cozido meal cooked in natural underground ovens in Furnas was delicious.
Cha Gorreana

We had a chance to swim in natural pools, one with very hot water and strong minerals in beautiful Terra Nostra garden.

  The other in Feteira, natural very hot sea water pools, cooled down with ocean swells.

Ponta Delgada Pineapple plantation was very nice and interesting. I learned there that it takes 2 years to grow a Pineapple. Sao Miguel pineapples taste great, as well as Pineapple liquor and cake.

Friday, 15 August 2014

FESTAS DA PRAIA - August 2014

During Festas da Praia, streets are full with excellent music, dance shows and people enjoying all night.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Our first summer in the Azores.
Praia da Vitoria, a beautiful town.

When we arrived in Praia da Vitoria, everywhere was getting ready for the coming Festivals.
Lights, flags, building decorations, all for the 'Festas da Praia'.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Arrived at Praia da Vitória, Ilha Terceira, Açores !

After 21 days of sailing and 1491.9 miles from Kilmore Quay, we arrived safely in the Azores.

First day at the Marina da Praia da Vitória. Escapade is moored at the reception berth.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Leaving Kilmore towards the Azores !

We stayed in Kilmore Quay longer than we have planned. The new AIS transmitter had several failures during our passages this summer, so Sean asked for a replacement unit. It took several days to get the new unit delivered.

Yesterday, it was my daughter Elif's birthday and we celebrated her birthday with a lemon meringue pie from local bakery. Happy Birthday Elif !

There is a seal living in the Kilmore Quay Harbour. I always wanted to get a picture, but she would dive and disappear as soon as I get my camera.
On our last day here, she just came over our stern and gave me this picture.
Thank you Seal.

We are leaving early tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Kilmore Quay, Wexford, South Ireland

Kilmore harbour enterance was narrower than it looks in the picture. A small motor boat came out as we entered and there was just enough room !

Fishing boats at Kilmore Quay Harbour

sailing from Howth to Kilmore Quay
Arklow Bank wind turbines
On the Sunday we arrived at Kilmore Quay. There was a Blessing Ceremony in the Harbour and the Priest sprinkled holy water on each boat.

Alter boy carrying the Holy Water in a plastic drum and filling the sprinkler.

Escapade beeing blessed.
St.Patrick's bridge is a shallow ridge from the mainland to Saltee Islands. It was formed by a Glacier at the end of the ice age.

Walks around Kilmore Quay

We took a bus trip to Wexford one day.